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Originally Posted by atkinsonr View Post
Wow! Congratulations. I have a Pentax K5 gathering dust - I had no idea you could get such a lovely image out of it.
Thanks Rich.

The Pentax K-5 is a good astro camera - dust it off!

Despite its age (I've had mine since 2012) the K-5 still holds up remarkably well, even against much newer and more fancied cameras when it comes to long exposure noise.

See this long exposure test which lists a whole lot of cameras: https://www.brendandaveyphotography....ensor-testing/
At 30 and 300 seconds the K-5 is ahead of such great cameras as the Nikon D850 and all of the Canons (as long as you don't go over ISO 3200 that is - the K-5 falls off a cliff above 3200 and gives you green banding everywhere - plenty of the newer cameras can realistically shoot at ISO 10000).

There's a lot more to an astro-camera than LE-noise however and taking good astro-photos can be about what you do with the equipment you have. Check the astrobin link in my sig - nearly all my photos were taken with a K-5 or astro-modded K-5iis.

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