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Originally Posted by kkara4 View Post
great photo Pete! Well Done! I will be posting mine up in the coming days.

Curious to know, how does an image get selected for APOD? do you have to submit it somewhere in particular or does someone from NASA trawl the forums for candidates?
Thanks Krishan! Looking forward to seeing your take.

Yes to have an image selected you have to submit it. On the APOD web page are the submission details down the bottom (you email Robert and Jerry).

Originally Posted by N1 View Post
Congrats Pete on a great capture, presentation and APOD!
Thank-you Mirko!

Originally Posted by OICURMT View Post
Congrats! Great shot.

Noticed the APOD stated Moon will occult Saturn every lap it makes around the Earth this year. Looks like WA is next for a shot (Sept 8th), NZ gets a chance on Nov 2nd.
Looking forward to seeing pics from others here over the next months.

Interesting info - looks some of the other states and the Kiwis get their chance over the coming months.
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