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Originally Posted by xelasnave View Post
The Moon and the wind has me going thru stuff that I was going to throw out and have a play.

This is a stack of HA on high to super high gain using 30 second subs and lots of them..maybe 200? thru 80mm on heq5 unguided zwo mono cooled camera ..stacked in Deep Sky Stacker with 3x drizzle cause the polar was so off the thing drifted half way across the screen during the session so I figure that counted as a good dither and lots of subs so why not try 3x drizzle..and I outlined in DSS the crop I wanted which was only about a quarter of the original frame...anyways I had to colour it in using photo shop (cause I had to throw out the RBG ..all out of focus)And the colour is probably off so anyways after a quick process in Startools...and a slight level adjust in Gimp which I use to downsize the image for herehere is my nights effort..besides three acrylic abstract black and white abstract painting I did while waiting for the stacking to take place...clearly worth a fortune as they are magnificent in my humble opinion...

Just beautiful!!! Regards, Fernando
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