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Originally Posted by Atmos View Post
I get the feeling that there isn't many lens' below 50mm that don't some aberrations until stopped closer to F/4. The Otus 55mm being one of the very few exceptions.
At the moment I have a Milvus 50mm and an older 15mm F/2.8 and I've been thinking I need something to fill in the gap between those and have my eyes on the 35mm Milvus.

I do have an APO Sonnar 135mm F/2 and it's brilliant! I have found that there is a fair snap increase from going from F/2 to F/2.2 and it doesn't get a huge amount better from F/2.8.

If you're thinking about the ASI071 I would suggest going with the QHY variant however. I've heard of FAR too many stories of icing issues when cooling the ASI071 in particular, not so much on the 294 and only on the 094 when cooling too fast (which I've experienced). As long as you cool it over 10 minutes it cools without frosting.
Hi Colin
You are right about the 'snap' from F2 to F2..2; my Milvus 135 is exactly the same lens as the Apo, but just has added weather seals. A corker of a lens. You will not be disappointed with the Milvus 35. When you look at the images it produces, it's like someone has lifted an invisible veneer of mistiness from the scene, delivering an image of striking clarity and contrast.

Thanks for the advice on the 3 cameras. Not sure what the QHY version of the ASI 071 is, but I'll look into it. I do recall several people saying that QHY have quirky and sometimes unreliable software, though. The ASI 071 did have the problem you referred to, but is that in the latest model??

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