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Originally Posted by xelasnave View Post
Thanks Paul and thanks Paul.
I point out again that this was a HA image .

.the RBG subs could not be used as they were out of focus and to use them would have corrupted the detail. I deleted them.

But having so time on my hands and trying to test rather than keep building the observatory... and a determination to save the image and to use Photoshop to full advantage I created the colour.

That's right I created the did not come from deleted subs.

I did this by making copies of the one startools proceeded image and "colouring" each to end up with various colours blue red etc..I then using the layers and the "rubber tool" I brought colour into the main black and white image a piece at a time until I had in effect coloured in the black and white image.

It is not the right way to do it is what I want to emphasis and hopefully next month I can reshoot my colours and introduce them in the conventional proper manner.

I really wanted to see what I could produce using my creativity and the tools available in photo shop..perhaps I should issue a warning ..don't do this at home boys and girls...
Might not be the “right” way Alex. But it still looks awesome. Sometimes you just have to work with what you have, and you’ve worked it well. Can’t wait to see what you produce once you have some more complete data.
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