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Originally Posted by Decimus View Post
Hi Colin,
Thanks for the comment. The Milvus 35mm, F1.4 is a stunning lens (should see my daylight photos in Hobart). However, I think coma-type artefacts are visible at extreme edges until about F3.5. Some vignetting too. It even cost a bit more than my Zeiss Milvus 135mm F2 (bought them both at the same time). The Milvus 135 is ridiculously sharp and shows no artefacts (even at F2 you have to strain to see any aberrations).

It is hard to explain but, when you take pictures with these lenses they seem to deliver a brighter, punchier image (and I think tests show that they have better light transmission at any aperture than their competitors). reviews talk about the superior micro-contrast of the 35mm too.

Sorry, I'm raving now, but the silk-smooth focus make these lenses a joy to use; you won't go wrong with the 35mm Milvus.

Meanwhile, I am at a crossroads: will buy either the ZWO ASI 071MC Pro or the ZWO ASI 294 MC Pro OR the ZWO ASI 094 MC Pro (the full frame one you have). I will definitely go for an OSC camera to start with and have therefore ended up with these 3 on my shortlist. The 094 is expensive, though. What are your thoughts? For imaging, I will be using the WO GT 102 F6.9 refractor with the WO reducer/flattener 8 (.72)- weighs a tonne.

I get the feeling that there isn't many lens' below 50mm that don't some aberrations until stopped closer to F/4. The Otus 55mm being one of the very few exceptions.
At the moment I have a Milvus 50mm and an older 15mm F/2.8 and I've been thinking I need something to fill in the gap between those and have my eyes on the 35mm Milvus.

I do have an APO Sonnar 135mm F/2 and it's brilliant! I have found that there is a fair snap increase from going from F/2 to F/2.2 and it doesn't get a huge amount better from F/2.8.

If you're thinking about the ASI071 I would suggest going with the QHY variant however. I've heard of FAR too many stories of icing issues when cooling the ASI071 in particular, not so much on the 294 and only on the 094 when cooling too fast (which I've experienced). As long as you cool it over 10 minutes it cools without frosting.
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