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Hi Starman54
Welcome to IIS
Firstly Iíd recommend to post your enquires to the main section in Beginners Talk as a new post , that way you might get more responses as itís been more than a day and I only noticed it now. When you post on a sticky thread it didnít come up as a new post itís buried behind up to 100 posts
Next I donít know much about Celestron scopes but I have used Bintel for 3 years and they are the leading telescope supplier in Australia plus a prime Celestron dealer
Andrews is a second supplier but I prefer Bintel as they have some really experienced guys there , namely Don Whiteman
Iím sure you can power your 4se from a 12v / 230v power supply eg : a Powertech 5A or 7.5A power supply but check with Bintel or hopefully other IIS members with similar scopes can help
I donít belong to any clubs , self taught from scratch using IIS to steer me along the way , Bintel for over the counter advice and all my equipment, heaps of reading books, YouTube clips amongst other things
Iím retired too and 3 years into the hobby
Check out some of my recent images , I use Newtonian reflectors both for visual observing and astrophotography
Good luck and enjoy this amazing hobby
Clear Skies
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