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1st Post and lost in space

Greeting to all & sundry,
My wife I have recently retired and left the bright Sydney City lights behind and moved out to the Hawkesbury.
We have finally decided that the Celestron 4SE which has been in the box for 8 years needs to come out and we need to learn how to use it once & for all instead of being too scared to try.
Fair to say we rushed into buying the scope without enough info and of course work just got in the way far too often but we no longer have that excuse.
Hopefully the good folk from iceinspace can give us some sage advice and help build our confidence so we can look to the stars for better answers than we get from listening to radio or watching TV.
A couple of questions if we may
1. The Celestron powertank of course is dead so do we replace the battery or would a product such as a Powertch Plus 600mAH Power Bank be enough to drive the scope for the time being? We will only be using the scope for up to 3 or so hours at a time and will not be running computers or the like off the Power Bank until we become far more proficient.
2. We will initially be using the scope from home can you use mains power via a transformer or the like?
2. Where would the nearest club be for us to attend so we can learn some basics?
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