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A couple of things to try here Alex...

I assume you are on an Android tablet.. especially since you mention bixby...

Generally speaking, Swiping right brings up bixby, try swiping left & see what appears.. possibly nothing but, give it a try & let us know what you find...

Then, we'll go from there about setting up your pages the way you would like them to be..



Originally Posted by xelasnave View Post
I dont know what is going on with my tablet. I dowloaded skysafari and its icon was on the screen and I had it I turn on the tablet and no icon for sky safari..only a couple of aps 22 over two windows the first window cane up with bixby home and I could not get rid of it so went on with it to try and get out..maybe a wrong move ..but I was trying to see if I could get apps appearing in that first window..they dont ..there is just the bixby thing and weather that sort of stuff..
I go to settings and it shows a list of apps including skysafari but I cant find a way to bring any of them to the frint screen and I cant find any way to start any of these apps. .. must be something I am do I make my apps appear on screen so I can run them.
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