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Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
Far out! You guys are smoking it!
30% out of 10000. I'm way greedier than you then. I stack 75% of my puny 4000 frames.

Although my fps has gone up lately. Haven't tried Mars again but last session I did 81fps in SER 8bit and 72fps in SER 16bit on Jupiter both in IR. I did 21fps in SER 8bit on Saturn and 17fps in SER 16bit. On the moon thin crescent I got up to 82fps in SER 8bit and 73fps in SER 16bit both in IR again.
You can try some things - switch off the 16 Bit - no benefit in planetary; crank up the USB traffic to 80% or 90%; and also switch on High Speed.

The seeing in Melbourne is always variable so I find that 2,500 to 3,000 frames with the setting I have are more that sufficient to sharpen and process my images. But others might find this different. Experiment and find the optimal for your set up. But more frames = better results in my mind.
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