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Hi Marc,

Have been using WinJupos for several years and I never de-rotate videos.

Simply stack your frames in AS3 but only take videos long enough which do not cause rotational issues. e.g. for me it's about 100 seconds for Jupiter and 120 seconds for Mars.

Then stack as per normal in AS3, do the image measurement in WJ - if you like you can de-rotate several images in WJ for individual R,G,B channels or several colour channels - then if mono, process your individual de-roated R, G, B, files, do image measurements again of these in WJ, and finally combine in WJ which will de-rotate and combine them into an RGB or LRGB.

WJ is a very powerful tool which has allowed amateur imagers to start processing at a professional level - recently Chris Go was live on YouTube and the Hubble guys are going to get him to process some of their planetary images with WJ as he can get more details out of the raw hubble data on Saturn than they can!

Hope it all makes sense!

John K.
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