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Hi Marc, you seem to be a bit muddled here.

There are two ways to derotate in WinJupos, either by image or using the video. Image derotation is the easiest (if you are on an EQ mount), video derotation is the best way if you are on an alt/az mount.

For image derotation, you stack and sharpen the image from the video in AS!3 and Registax, perform the "Image Measurement" steps on each image, then use the "Image derotation" steps in the "Tools" menu. This just derotates the images, putting the features on top of each other and so improving the final image.

For video derotation, you need to select the best frame from your raw video, do the "Image measurement" step as before, then use this as the reference frame for the video in the "Derotation of video streams" in the Tools menu. WJ will then derotate every frame in the video (both planetary rotation and field rotation if you ask it to do so), creating another video which you then put into AS!3 for stacking. This is far more time consuming than image derotation.

Here are some tutorials, I'm sure there are others about...

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