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OK, by the sound of it we need a bit more detail as to what the issues are. When you say "it only seemed to lighten a bit" I assume that means you could see that the view was brighter but couldn't see any detail?
Have you used the scope in daylight? Try to see it you can achieve an image in daylight hours (with the proviso of NEVER POINT IT ANYWHERE NEAR THE SUN!!!!) as it is much easier than trying to use in the dark. Try and see if you can focus on a distant object, tree branch, TV aeriel, chimney or whatever.
Which eyepiece are you using? Use the lowest one you have, beginners sometimes get confused but the lowest power is the longest length one. Many of these class of scope will come with a 25mm and a 10mm. Don't use anything shorter than the 25mm to start with (or whichever is the longest one you have.)
This may seem obvious but have you properly removed the entire cap from the end of the scope? I know a very good observer that spent a month frustrated with a new scope because they had anly removed the small cap in the middle of the large cap.

These are just a couple of ideas that spring to mind, but if you can provide as much detail as to issues as youi see them, that would help.

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