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The EP's that came with the scope are described on the SkyWatcher website as a Super 25 and Super 10, modified achromatic design. Is this a plossl? It doesn't seem to mention plossl anywhere, the only markings on the EP's are the Super -- mark on the top of EP.

Nice nice, I thought it might have been Jupiter after downloading a program called 'Stellarium' and having a look at that - that's not really cheating is it!

So tempted to get the scope out again tonight but as its my sons birthday present (not happening for about two weeks) I'm trying to resist! Not sure how the wife will take it but I'm seriously considering getting my own scope now. Maybe a nice simple 8" Dob....

On another angle.... how do all of you stargazers manage to look at the stars for long without doing your back in??? After a half hour of looking the other night my back hated me!
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