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Originally Posted by Jenn View Post
Hi, another newbie here. logged in tonight in the hope that someone may be able to point me in the direction of some information on why the moon is setting in the south west tonight, please. I had noticed it setting in the north west a while ago then the west, where i thought it should. Now the south west and this is freaking me out? Especially since the earth axis wobble theories started after the indonesian tsunami. Any one able to help please?
Hi Jenn and a big to IIS.
It is true that the moon appears to traverse the sky in varying locations as it orbits the Earth, but the moon doesn't just orbit directly over and in line with the equator, so its position varies from day to day.
The moon's gravitational effect on the Earth actually helps to stabilize the rotational axis.
If the moon wasn't there, our existence here on Earth would be quite chaotic.
Hope this helps?
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