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I'm with Dimithri , I also have an 127mm North Group Triplet apo and think it is a fine scope. At a recent club outing, although the skies were smoke affected the seeing was quite steady, 6 / 10 !, so did some double star observing. Pushed the magnification to silly levels of 500X on Alnitak and admittedly the image was getting soft at that mag. but at 400X was damn fine.
Have also compared it along side a club members FS102 at similar magnifications and though the 127mm gives a brighter image the image quality difference was barely noticeable, clean airy discs and diffraction rings in both scopes.
A lot of scopes in the black list are cheap but not necessarily rubbish, they fill an introductory niche that may inspire curious young, and not so young minds to graduate to better gear when they can afford to move upwards.
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