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Hi Mike.
Yeah, similar to the Trivoli farm, that was one place where I got inspiration from. No plans to share, sorry, the real thing won't be far away . Most of it is on my head except for some small detail drawings.

Hi Paul,
8 meters in the air...
Yes, I did seek the advice of a structural engineer. The wind can be pretty constant where I'm putting it, but usually by night, it's calm. At it's highest point, the telescope will be a good distance below the top of the wall height as well.

Thanks Marc.
I do like the challenge, and working in a workshop as my day job, I've built a few big projects in recent times. Again, no drawings to share of any significance, but I did draw some for the engineer, which now have other scribbled plans on them

Hi Paul,
Yeah, a winch with a ladder is the way to go I reckon.

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