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Hi Ryan,

Sorry to "ruin" your evening and morning with this thread
I remember getting similarly brain-stuck for several nights with a 90-ish page long thread about debayering the DSLR sensors.

AP has a very, very, very, very steep learning curve. The camera is only a small part of the whole picture, which also includes the mount, the scope, dark skies etc. For beginners DSLR is usually recommended as it is much easier to master, while you learn to know your mount, polar alignment etc. But soon you will be longing for more and this project offers a relatively cheap way to jump straight into CCD imaging. If it is a smart step, not sure, that will depend on you. For example, you could just get a t-adapter for your DSLR and start with that... while building this camera
(You can post a question in beginners threads regarding the adapter for your DSLR).

Can you answer few questions which will help us give you a better advice:
What scope/mount do you have?
Where in Perth are you (how far from CBD)?
The project requires good DIY skills. How good are your with soldering SMD parts? (If you decide to do the build I could help with the difficult SMD parts, if required.)
Also the camera housing will require machining. The G106 housing can be purchased from Jaycar/Altronics but requires modification, especially for cooling.

If you PM me your email address and I'll give you access to the GD files.

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