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I found the source of the light leak. Theres a small gap between the carousel and the m42 slot that allows in stray light when shooting in narrowband. This seems like a huge design flaw with the zwo mini efw. But I suppose these were designed for the ZWO cameras that MAY sit flush against the sensor window and mitigates the gap but the QHY sensor distance is a bit different and theres a gap between the window and the filter. ALSO, all those empty screw holes might also be contributing to the light leak as well. I think I might return this to bintel, sell the 1.25" filters and just use my QHYCFW 2" fw. :/

If anyone has dealt with this issue with the ZWO miniEFW and how to "fill" the gap and found a solution, that'd be fantastic as I'm not sure if bintel accept returns of this nature.

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