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Originally Posted by foxdie76 View Post
hello, i placed an order about 2 weeks ago for a coronado solarmaxII double stack 90 w/bf30 block. for 2,581.92 then it went up to 2,697 on the same day(witch i didnt no about). thay shiped the telescope afew days after the money cleared throught using a SWIFT account that thay use. ( U WONT GET YOUR MONEY BACK). thay told the shipping company to hold the telescope at the cochin internatinal airport india. After a few emails, it turns out thay sent 2 telescopes, and WONT send until i pay for the second uint.. I told them i placed an order for 1 unit and not 2. all thay kept saying is to pay for the second unit to allow the the shipment to carry on. I then e-mailed them to cancel the order and a refund. thay said thay cant refund. Even tho there terms and conditions say 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE !!
The bad news is that you have become the victim of fraud and that you will never, ever
get your money back. It is lost forever.

There were never any telescopes. They don't have any telescopes to ship.

Though you will never get your money back, the UK has a national fraud
and internet crime reporting centre called Action Fraud.
Their web site is here -
You should nevertheless report it including the name of the bank you
telegraphically transferred funds to, the bank's SWIFT code and the account
number and the account name they suggested to use. This may help others from sending
money to the same account but assume they will simply set up another.

Currently we don't know who is behind but
it is nothing but a front for criminals. It may be the work of a single individual
working alone. The really bad news is that in the worse case it might turn out to
be a front for an organization such as Jemaah Islamiyah to raise hard foreign
currency to assist them fund their operations.

Action Fraud's number in the UK is 0300 123 2040. Whether they can issue a
warning to the UK banks to put an alert on the Indonesian account number, I don't
know, but it may help assist others from losing their money in the UK too.
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