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Originally Posted by foxdie76 View Post
hello, i placed an order about 2 weeks ago for a coronado solarmaxII double stack 90 w/bf30 block. for 2,581.92 then it went up to 2,697 on the same day(witch i didnt no about). thay shiped the telescope afew days after the money cleared throught using a SWIFT account that thay use. ( U WONT GET YOUR MONEY BACK). thay told the shipping company to hold the telescope at the cochin internatinal airport india. After a few emails, it turns out thay sent 2 telescopes, and WONT send until i pay for the second uint.. I told them i placed an order for 1 unit and not 2. all thay kept saying is to pay for the second unit to allow the the shipment to carry on. I then e-mailed them to cancel the order and a refund. thay said thay cant refund. Even tho there terms and conditions say 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE !!
Gee that's terrible. If you have a copy of the original order and email correspondence then start to take legal action and recoup some of your money. I assume they have emailed you a receipt or a tax invoice for the original order? If you paid via PayPal you have the opportunity to lodge a dispute and you'll get some cover. If you paid via CC call your bank and see what your options are.
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