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Hey Glen,

Your involvement with researching Dunlop, which I've read over a couple of times too, and now this article has given me a thought on a project for me to undertake:

To sketch the 150 Dunlop objects.

If Dunlop spoted these with a modern equivalent of a 6" reflector, these targets should be a neat undertaking. Your photo catalogue shows them nicely, but a sketched catalogue would give another dimension to this austral astronomy pioneer.

Most of these would be quite easily gettable from urban areas too, though detail would be reduced in the big smoke. Some others are very much for dark skies only.

The NGC number listing makes it an easier planning mechanism too.

I wonder how long this will take me? Just out of sheer chance, I've got at least seven at the moment. I'll let you know how I'm going.

Also, some of these targets overlap with the LMC & SMC project that Paddy's got going too. Kill two birds with one stone, .


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