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Thanks Mike and Rob.

The Excel file in Projects and Articles contains 6 pages including a rough map showing Dunlop's 150 objects.
There are several reasons to look at Dunlop's clusters, nebulae and galaxies.
1. He was the first to make a catalogue of southern galaxies.
2. He was the first to catalogue the objects in the Magellanic Clouds.
3. His catalogue was remarkably complete, most of the best southern objects are in it.
4. This catalogue is an Australian catalogue.
5. All of the objects can be seen with a 6" telescope if you have good eyes and wait till they are high in the sky.

Images of the 150 Dunlop objects and his descriptions are at:

John Herschel and his friends were highly critical of Dunlop.
Dunlop was lower class, not well educated and poor. Herschel was upper class, well educated and rich.
I am amazed by Dunlop's ability to find faint galaxies.

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