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Originally Posted by jakob View Post
I have intsalled V 10.3 on my XP desk PC, but I need some help with the device settings.
The Keyspan USB to Serial is set to Com2, 38400B, 8bits, no parity, 1stop, no flow control.
Using Agronaut, I'm able to communicate with AN and get replies to meade comands.

In Stellarium, set to Wildcard AN, I left the default settings at 'localhost TCP port 10001.
AN is set to startup 'meade', serial1, 38400B.
The AN is aligned and works as it should but I don't get a Telescope cursor on the screen.

Can you advise what I may be doing wrong?
Is there a sequence on when to start AN, before or after Stellarium?

I think Stellarium is fantastic an will be a good complement with AN.

Many thanks for your advise. Regards Jakob.
I am not sure what the trouble could be except Meade connections expect 9600B
I start stellarium. Then configure the telescope port to COM1 or COM2 whichever the USB-RS232 adaptor likes to use at 9600B and 500000 us delay then select the telescope from the telescope panel and press connect. The "not connected" changes to "connected" (sometimes you see a momentary connecting) and the cursor will appear on the screen at the position the Argo Navis is at. From there you can select a star in stellarium, press ctrl 1 (or whatever number it is) and the entry will transfer to the Argo Navis. You then push the telescope to the indicated position of the object and if you are watching stellarium the cursor should follow your pushing.

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