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OK, here is a place to start for some info:-,401,0,0,1,0

Scott "fenced in" the encoders, allowing them to move along their axis relative to the base.

I now have Scott's dob and I have taken off the encoders and fittings until I can invest in an ArgoNavis.

However, in preparation, I have tried a modification. I got the idea from here:-

On each side, on the outside, I have fitted a thin plate that goes about half way up the alt bearing. I have to place the OTA fairly carefully onto the base now so it fits between the two plates, but they don't seem to be adding any additional friction and they seem to be completely stopping the side to side movement of the OTA in the base - or greatly reducing it.

The other thing I am thinking of doing is fitting a brace over the tube unit which rigidly holds the base sides at a set distance. It would have to be removable to allow the OTA to be inserted and removed, but there is an additional benefit - I can add an eyepiece rack at a much more convenient height.

My thoughts
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