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Originally Posted by [1ponders]
Ken, can you post a pic of the Accufocus attached to the Orion. I'm thinking of going that line, but I'd like to get some ideas on how others have attached it.
Yep Paul, here ya go

The Bracket I made is just the corner cut off a busted printer case. You could just make an angle bracket.

The Bracket mounts to the scope by using 2 of the 4 screws that hold the focuser tensioner underneath the focuser and the 2 original Accufocus screws hold the Accufocus to the bracket.

By using plastic, I didn't have to tap the threads out for the thumbscrews. I just drilled the holes slightly smaller and screwed the thumbscrews in, making it's own thread.

And the Crayford focuser shaft adaptor is explained in the link above.

It works excellent Paul
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