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Patrice, that is great news. By the way, did you ever see any effects of charge accumulation, like Nico has been mentioning?

Also I completely got put on the wrong track with the RGGB that was mentioned in the software source code and only last night I figured out that it did not mean that the matrix was RGGB
So, while I had few nights of data (taken with uncooled cam86) I never managed to process anything properly because of the wrong Bayer matrix information. I just stacked data from Carina nebula with DSS and the resulting image is here. I did not spend much time on it but don't think I am missing any colours. I used the following options:
In RAW/FITS DDP Settings and then in FITS Files I ticked the Monochrome box on the top and then selected the camera as Generic GRBG. The transformation was left as bilinear.

Again, selecting D70 does not work.
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