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Two Orions

Had a night of very good seeing last night in Sydney so I got the opportunity to take the C11 out to do some long(ish) FL imaging. I pointed to M42 in Orion with a QHY9 and a 7nm Ha filter at prime. This is 60x1min as I wanted to show the trapezium area.

There's a bigger version here [658KB - 1920x1437]

The other shot is from Snake Valley in Victoria. I shot it in colour with a QHY8 and a Takahashi Mewlon 210 at prime focus. This one was 36x2min, done Sunday the 8th of November, which was the best night at the camp. Pretty good seeing and transparency again although it was challenging to guide at 2.5m FL on a grassy field.

There's a bigger version here [772KB -920x1189]

The fov and image scale are very similar. The Mewlon is 2415mm FL and F11.5. The C11 is 2800mm FL and F/10 but the image scale is virtually the same ~ 0.5 seconds of arc. The Mewlon seems to have sharper optics.

Enjoy the views.
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