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Originally Posted by SimmoW View Post
Thanks for replying so quickly Rick.

Er, I can't discern much difference. Which is probably good, 2 arc secs/pixel is probably well within tolerances - I've read that 3-4 is the limit.

I'll be using it with my Tak E-130D, 430mm FL, meaning that it'll be more like 4 arc secs/pixel.

Thankfully I've found an example image taken at a similar FL, here, that proves to me that the issue is certainly not worrisome to me. I detect some squareness if zoomed to the very smallest stars, so drizzle might be of use, but you really do have to zoom in close. Compared to the ridiculous sensitivity of the cam, I don't really care.

Hope I'm not hijacking your thread, but as you mentioned drizzle, it pricked my attention.
The difference is fairly subtle, Simon, except for the shape of the stars. I did a quick non-Drizzle integration of the Ha and attached to this post is a direct comparison of Drizzled Ha vs non-Drizzled with no processing apart from an equivalent stretch and upsampling.

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