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Free Sharpsky stepper focus unit and PCB, yum yum!

Ok folks

I have a few spare Sharpsky PCBs (see post above) that are gathering dust and I contacted Dave, sharpky the designer with a thought of giving them away, free, but you have to buy a pre Programmed PIC for this, from Dave of course. Dave said he would supply the PICs at cost plus postage...cannot get better than that! I will send one PCB to Dave for him to peruse.

Thus I have another qty 2 to give away, essentially the same as the one here with small minor changes to the way I laid out the PCB tracks. Now, I can give away 1 complete PCB made up (with all parts and tested) for free for someone as I have enough parts left over for 1 complete (minus the PIC of course) unit.

The other PCB I can supply some parts like pre-made SIL male/female with fly leads and any required SIL resistors. I can also supply instructions and parts list etc for this.

What I am looking for is someone who has or wants to use stepper focusing preferably someone wanting to get into this. Would prefer to give the made up unit to someone who is not electronic conversant the other to someone who is. Obvious reason why.

Now the Shaprsky system is fully ASCOM compatible and uses same pin outs as robofocus or Moonlite but of course can be connected to work with any std small 12V unipolar stepper.

So who's up for this? Hands up!
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