View Full Version here: : [SOLD] Scopebuggy - Suit 10-14inch Meade & Many other scopes...

14-03-2012, 10:50 AM
For sale here is a Standard scopebuggy and can be viewed at www.scopebuggy.com (http://www.scopebuggy.com) . It includes the 10" pnematic wheels, draw handle, and the wind down bolts for a secure mounting on hard surfaces such as concrete etc. Buggy is in new condition.

Makes for a very quick packup time, if you can drag the scope into the garage or under the patio at the end of a long night.

Blurb from the website.... The STANDARD ScopeBuggy is adjustable in width and length, and is recommended for any commercially available scope/mount on the market today. The 10" pneumatic tires make for a smooth glide across uneven surfaces, and act to dampen ground vibrations.
Looking for $250 + Freight (can be arranged for about $30 Australia Wide).

Enquiries by PM Please.