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12-03-2012, 05:21 PM
I was intending to keep this EP but I have now decided to part with this much treasured 9mm Vixen LV eyepiece which in my view is in mint condition and comes with all original Vixen box, caps packaging etc.

IMHO these Vixen eyepieces are grossly underestimated. They are made in Japan, feature 20mm eye-relief and outside the very well regarded Pentax XWs and Vixen LVWs they are the only other eyepieces to my knowledge which use genuine lanthanum glass. There are many good reviews about these EPs comparing them against Radians, Naglers and in my own opinion are just as good as Tak LE's.

There are no differences in the lens/configurations between the current Vixen NLV's and these the original LV's except for a change in the eyecup. In my own opinion these original LVs with the firm rubber eyecup are, in fact, far better than the plastic twist-top eyecup of the current NLVs.

A 9mm NLV now retails for $159 (plus PPH) at My AstroShop.

Asking $100 including registered post with insurance anywhere in Australia.

Please send PM's only.

Thank you for looking at my listing.

12-03-2012, 06:36 PM
PM Sent