View Full Version here: : [WITHDRAWN] Televue Pronto 70mm ED

04-01-2012, 04:29 PM
I bought this some time ago with intentions of giving it to my kids ... but they have no real interest in this hobby now ... more into iPads and Macbooks.

I have enough use of my own scopes ... this would be in the cupboard most of the time...... is anyone interested.

I had a look through the Pronto, and I have to say ... what a " gem " ... so nice ..optics are lovely ... nice broadband coatings can be seen on the lens .. the Focuser ( although " single " speed ) is buttery smooth and the views are nothing to complain about either.... IMHO.

Please note .... No tripod or Diagonal included.... comes with soft carry case.... and Red Dot Finder.

Asking $545.00 .... which includes normal postage in Aust'...... Registered Post ( Recommended ) included will be $550.00 ....

PM if Keen.

Flash :hi: