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What's mind blowing is the fact that someone actually thought out and manufactured a measuring device to that degree of accuracy.

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OMG !!

Look at the precision of these measurements!!!

1016 in the 'Quantum Logic Readout' and 4 1017 in the 'Jacking up the Clock' experiment !!

Unbelievable !! .. And there's no other cited, possible other sources or errors in these measurements (??)

Incredible !! Fantastic stuff ! More to read up on with this one !!

Thanks for that Steven ! Great post.


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Absalutly incredible stuff :eyepop:
I am amazed that they can measure such small time scales :eyepop:

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Cool! What I don't get is why some are so seen keen for SR and GR to be wrong?

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There are those 'out there' who refute anything to do with with SR & GR because they see the theory as being purely 'mind experiments' not founded in reality.

This experimental test demonstrates that SR's and GR's time dilation and gravitational time dilation predictions have been measured, and are in accordance with the predictions.

This would seemingly eliminate the view that SR and GR are man-made, 'maths-based' conjectured models. Unfortunately, this view is unlikely to ever be yielded by those who make the accusations against GR & SR, as they are led by 'other' principles other than empiricism.

Other more historical GR supporting observations would be the
precession of Mercury (in arc-seconds per century):

Observed: 5600.7 +/- 0.4 arc-sec/century

Predicted by Newton: 5557.6 +/- 0.2 arc-sec/century
Predicted by Einstein: 5600.6 +/- 0.2 arc-sec/century

Source: http://books.google.com/books?id=fp9wrkMYHvMC&hl=en

I believe GPS satellite clock correction factors are provided by GR theory as well, (although I don't know much about how this works).

Are there any others ?

Cheers & Rgds

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Until I meet two twins of different ages I wont buy it:lol::lol::lol:.
Most interesting Steven and I thank you for taking the time to present this exciting information.

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That'd be an interesting experiment. Get the second one out asap then put them in bunk beds see if one catches up on an 80yr span. ;)

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Interesting .. I notice in Steven's original post the words:

As a slight aside, I thought time dilation, as demonstrated by the 'twins paradox', was due to one of them undergoing acceleration (relative to the other).. I suppose they are talking about average velocities and different speeds, which I suppose implies relative accelerations/decelerations between them.
Then again, I'm reminded of this one: In Twin Paradox Twist, the Accelerated Twin is Older (http://www.physorg.com/news163738003.html). In this mind experiment they are saying that:

It'd be great to use this technology to confirm/disprove this one as we could learn lots more about whether we can define the absolute motion of the twins in terms of specific global properties of spacetime (aka the curvature).

A mind bender !! .. (again !! .. groan !!)


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What's with all the quotes in large font that runs into the right margin? Doesn't seem to be happening elsewhere on the site. Or is it just me?

Hmmm, maybe a GR-SR effect....:question:

EDIT: AArrghhh, gone! Crackin' up methinks, sorry people... :rolleyes: :lol:

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One of the clocks has an oscillatory motion. The acceleration is obtained by changing the direction of motion. The twin paradox is explained in the same way. The travelling twin has to change direction to meet the stationary twin. This results in acceleration even though for most of the journey the twin is travelling at a constant velocity.



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Pick up your monitor and shake it violently. This will induce length contradiction of the fonts and allow it to fit on the screen.;)