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24-03-2010, 12:53 PM
Was just thinking the other day while looking up the collimation articles, it'd be handy if there was a sticky in each forum section to the articles relating to that section. Not an individual sticky for each article, because some sections would have too many. Maybe one sticky titled "articles/resources relating to this section", and it provides links to the relevant articles, projects, reviews, resources or whatever.

So in the equipment section the sticky would contain links to collimation articles, maybe drift aligning etc. The astrophotography/imaging section sticky would have links to the AP stuff.

I guess the thought came because I've seen, and probably done it myself, questions getting asked in the forums that are already covered by articles. But most search the forums and newcomers may not be aware of the resources and what's in them.

Hope that makes sense. Whatchya think?

04-05-2010, 04:45 AM
Makes sense Troy,

I have wondered about the logic behind stickys overall.
Too many stickies would get in the way of new posts.
Stickies are self propagating, getting more views and posts just
by being at the top.
A sticky about politics or religion or cost of petrol would fill Terry
and Mike's server in a day :)

Who decides what is a sticky?

Why is a thread about a commercial product (Argo Navis) a sticky?
Why isn't a thread about a cheap alternative in the DIY/ATM section
a sticky, for some balance? The Ek Box or similar PIC DSCs?

Why isn't Bird's Jupiter impact a sticky in Solar System? Nearly 400 posts and 22,000 views!

My Worm gear hobbing thread just went over 10,000 views in 12 months.
Not bad for an obscure ATM idea. There must be some readership on this
site into ATM/DIY eh?

I also think that other DIY improvements to commercial mounts
should be prominent...like the PE mods to the EQ6 threads etc.

The PhotoShop Tips as a sticky in Computers is a great example
of a well placed sticky...

Now that would make a good General chat topic....name your favourite
or memorable IceInSpace threads. :)


04-05-2010, 01:02 PM
Interesting thoughts....

I do believe a sticky is very important way to emphasise and promote certain activity..

Many people are using EQ6 mount for example. And many people are modifying it or just performing necessary maintenance... EQ6 sticky would have been welcomed by many, I am sure.

I am not sure how many people are followers of Mel Bartels (I am... but only to the certain degree - I reserve my right to modifications to this wonderful system wherever I feel it is justified from the engineering point of view:-) )

But, if Bartelisation had its own sticky, I am sure there would have been many more individuals and groups who would dare to embark on this low cost way to obtain the affordable but good automated telescope system.

Perhaps we should start to acknowledge more the promotional value of sticky and try to use it to show some direction in which the amateur astronomers community should go in the future: More science, more education and less commercialism.

06-05-2010, 03:17 AM
Look at Projects and Articles, it's all covered there. I was searching tonight and a lot of the links in the threads I found where dead links leading nowhere, all out of date. Same thing would happen to stickies.

I do like the best of stickies on CN. Only mods can add to them. But a decent search would find them anyway:shrug: