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15-07-2018, 08:32 AM
Due to not having access to my genuine Losmandy counter weight (its currently on the other side of the world) I had been using a motley assortment of contraptions to provide counterweight on the unusually dimensioned G11 shaft. After some head scratching and walking every aisle of the big green shed looking for inspiration I have come up with a solution that I am finally happy with.

The G11 shaft is around 31-32mm in diameter, too small for ‘Olympic’ weight plates (50mm bore) and too big for ‘standard’ weight plates.

The solution is to use 2 PVC plumbing parts called 40mm slab adapters and hose clamps. The slab adapter has internal diameter of around 33-34mm at one end, then a flange, then the other side has external diameter of around 46-47mm.

Use a hacksaw to cut vertical slits in the thinner end, I did 8, equally spaced and this allows the hose clamp to compress the pvc tightly around the shaft and use Olympic weight plates on the wide end. I needed 2 x 2.25 kg weight plates sandwiched between 2 of the adapters and it works perfectly. Hopefully the pics explain it better than my words