View Full Version here: : Rings/ Mount adapter to fit 8 inch Truss Tube on EQ mount

11-02-2018, 08:53 PM
Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone has tried to mount a 8 inch truss tube newt on an EQ mount.

I've got a skywatcher dob setup I'm looking to make some rings for to mount it to my HEQ5.

Only problem is I'm looking for an arrangement that does not stop me from swapping between DOB mount or EQ mount. (Ie no adding or removing bits apart from some tube rings :P ).

I will be using it for some astrophotography (very beginner in this area. So not too concerned about the nitty gritty stuff.Just need it to take some basic images while I'm learning the tradem so issues of maintaining collimation/ flexure I'll live with in the meantime).

Not so much visual use. So the whole rotating of the tube because of eyepiece position shouldn't cause me too much concern.

I've been googling this most of the night and haven't come across anything that adapts a premade truss newt. (Most forums are about modifying a homemade OTA or building a truss tube OTA to suit EQ mounting.)

Currently thinking I just make a "u" shape bracket that bolts to the existing dobsonian mount bearings on the side of the OTA and mount the U bracket to a dovetail bar.

Has anyone seen or heard of this being done before? (and yes I know I could buy a 8 inch scope with tube rings but don't want to spend the money on a scope when I have one already that really just needs an adapter that I believe could be built very cheaply. )

Thanks in advance for any ideas / tips on how to go about this. :thumbsup:

11-02-2018, 10:24 PM
Truss tube dobs usually have the balance point lower than a solid tube. Depending on what sort of scope you have you might be able to use tube rings and if balance is still out put a bit of extra weight at the bottom end.