View Full Version here: : [WITHDRAWN] Canon EOS 350D Hutech modified (Price drop)

13-12-2017, 02:30 PM
(Price drop) For you Ha lovers, here is a much-loved Hutech modified 350D with only 500 exposures on the clock. It has a 5.7um pixel size, and in RAW mode puts out an image of 8.3MB. It is particularly good on deep space emission nebulae, but pretty good all-around if you're getting into astrophotography. I've gone over to a 50D for nightscape photography mainly.

Includes camera body,
Hutech knife-edge focuser
Canon T-adapter and 2" prime focus camera adapter
Orion Skyglow imaging filter 2"
X-Nite CC1 infrared correction filter (to bring camera back to unmodded)
Canon EFS 18-55mm zoom lens (use with CC1)
Serial-to-USB cable for camera control from PC
Battery charger + 2 batteries
240V power supply
Lowepro camera bag
Manual and other docs
Original box and accessories

All for (now) $400 - cheap way into imaging! (for those of you looking at modded DSLR's, Hutech is the only specialist company doing these mods, so you are guaranteed of a proper job!)