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04-12-2017, 07:23 PM
I am offering all of my remaining Canon 450D body, sensors, parts, etc that I have accumulated over the years of modding the venerable 450D. The reason for this sale is that my vision problems no longer allow me to continue with 450D modding. This equipment is being offered in one line, I am not going to break it up and have to send bits all over the place (so don't ask). This gear is ideal for anyone modding 450Ds.

Included in the inventory are these rare items: my debayered (mono) sensors and a new sensor purchased from a Aliexpress vendor (not tested yet by me). Also included is a rare Copper Cold Finger cut and formed for any 450D, a customer carbon fibre cold finger/heat sink support bracket, a Deep Cool Heat Pipe Heat Sink, and a 60W TEC from Jaycar (used in my mono 450D).

Here is the complete list of equipment:

1 x Canon 450D body, has a colour sensor installed, the Comms board was removed as this was the body used as my Mono camera (USB connector is still in place and can be used to control camera). This camera is not in working order at this time, and I cannot (due to my vision problems) tear it down to work out the problem. It contains all boards and internal ribbon cables (no broken ribbon locks) . It is being sold as a donor or possible repair camera with some attention. Note it has a new shutter. The body is in excellent shape, no scratches on the case or rear screen.

2 x 450 D sensor boards, both of these have been debayered, one has a sensor artifact, the second one was my mono camera sensor and was used for about a year (the cold finger is attached to this sensor).
I cannot test these now (but the one in the mono camera was functional when removed a year ago).

1 x 450D colour sensor board, un modded with original LP1 and LP2 filters still in place. It was purchased from an Aliexpress vendor and has not beeen tested by me.

1 x Carbon Fibre Cold Finger support bracket.

1 x Pure Copper (1.2mm thick) Cold Finger for a 450D.

1 x Jaycar 60W TEC, used in my mono camera, and I am confident it works fine and can pull the cold finger down to -15C. Power required is 12V 6amps, and I suggest using a PWM controller (not supplied here).

2 x Canon 450D standard batteries, still working.

2x bags of misc 450D parts, which include: sensor parts like internal filters, sensor cover glass spares, and spare RF shields, copper sensor hold down bars, etc.

Photos are below.

There is alot of replacement value represented in this gear, but I am offering it here, as one line, for $100, and I will ship it to you, anywhere in Australia for $20, of course local pickup or Central Coast meet up us available.

If your interested then PM me here on IIS. Payment would be via direct deposit, or cash if you choose to pick it all up at my place at Lake Macquarie NSW.

13-12-2017, 03:05 PM
The price on all this gear has been dropped to $100! The boards in the body are worth more than that alone.

13-12-2017, 06:24 PM
PM Sent.

14-12-2017, 08:05 AM
Still available, at $100 plus shipping, free local pickup or Central Coast delivery.