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30-11-2017, 06:15 PM
I'm considering buying one of these two mounts (to pair with a SkyWatcher BDED100), but I can't decide which one. I know HEQ5 Pro is a well tested design and lots of people are very happy with it, but I've also heard that the Advanced-VX mount is a newer design than the HEQ5 Pro and the motors have improved tracking performance and provide more power to overcome minor load imbalances. The updated industrial design of the Advanced-VX also offers more rigidity, less flexure, and improved aesthetics. So, what are everyone's thoughts and experiences with these two mounts? :question:

30-11-2017, 06:19 PM
I’ve got an ancient HEQ5 that powers along nicely with a scope almost identical to yours. Never seen an AVX up close but the HEQ5 gets a :thumbsup: from me.

Another consideration is that if you plan to do astrophotography you can control the HEQ5 via EQMOD which is really nice to use.

30-11-2017, 10:28 PM
I have an AVX as my grab and go EQ :lol: it’s a lot lighter than my EQ6...

It’s pretty sturdy, and the finish is generally OK but there are some plasticky covers that are vulnerable to impact and it’s got a grouchy noise to it. Mine is one of the early ones.

The big plus is the handset software is a little more advanced, the all-star polar alignment routine works reasonably well, and the gotos tend to be more accurate even with my 8” SCT on board. There is an available ASCOM driver which connects via the handset.

From a payload point of view I can’t imagine there’s anything to separate them in practice, although the AVX tripod has 2” legs like the EQ6, so I’m sure that helps with sturdiness.

30-11-2017, 10:38 PM
I have a new AVX also ; very accurate go tos and great for very short unguided subs. Had a10 Sct on it doing so.. no problems at all weighing 14kg ...it's a bit plasticky thats all.
It needed 3 celestron counterweights to balance.