View Full Version here: : Meade Lightbrige 12" Truss Dob - looking for user reports/feedback

30-10-2017, 04:47 AM
A friend has approached me for advice on a Meade Lightbridge 12" Truss Dob. I have never seen or used one. I am a member of an astronomy club but have not seen one at the field.

Searches did not turn up much so I thought I would reach out here to get some feedback. The scope is about US $900 new.

Good Scope? Recommended?

Bad Scope? Problems?

He wants a truss or collapsible so I figure it is this, the ES Lightweights or the Skywatcher collapsible.

I own an Orion XT8 Intelliscope so that is my reference model. I have read a lot about Orion, Skywatcher and Zhumell Dobs and a little on Explore Scientific. Have not read much on Meade.

Any experience or advice would be appreciated.