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04-09-2017, 03:24 PM
Balance, not the Moody Blues kind...but mount related.

We all hear the usual mount mantra of: east heavy but there is more to various mounts than just this. In addition to East side (or scope side for those ambi-meridian folk), I find with my CGX, it loves being front heavy (or objective heavy), which is contrary to what i hear some say (rear heavy). Now the need to keep gears faces loaded, is understood, what of belt drives and their breathern, that have multiple pulley teeth engaged at all times regardless of direction? Lash may still exist despite spring loaded worms, and this requires attention too.

What are your rules for your mount?:question:

For those that prefer the Moody Blues kind of question,


04-09-2017, 03:36 PM
On a reflector a little more weight to the top but not much.
I seem to have to rebalance all the time to get it right for a certain position but it works great when you get it right.
A little bias to the scope side seems to work.
But I think you get different balances depending where you have the scope pointing when you have a reflector it changes a fair bit...I think ..

05-09-2017, 11:31 AM
Glen, you've got to go with whatever you find works.

I find my guiding goes to doo doo if my scope isn't balanced right. Goes contrary to "conventional wisdom" of course...