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10-08-2017, 05:19 PM
Just for anyone thinking of buying a wedge for their fork mounted scope, here's a side by side comparison of a Meade standard wedge and a Milburn
standard wedge {attached pics}. Brought the meade through a clearance sale and while in transit the Milburn popped up on astromart for a good price :P.
The milburn is substantially bigger and heavier and movement s are very nice.
Bit surprised how light the meade is , seen pics of setups on it which I wouldn't dare replicate. Not sure what the latest bigger meade wedges are like but comparing the Milburn to a superwedge I had a while back err no comparison :).
Also have an older Meade standard field tripod and while refurbishing with new leg bolts one of the casting attachments snapped......:eyepop:.... while tightening I didn't apply to much force, bit scary .