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27-07-2017, 09:19 AM
I am just so thrilled with my CGEM-DX. Until the CGEM-DX I suffered under a "mount curse" that I have carried since my first 5" Celestron Newt. The only exception to my "mount curse" was an exceptional Vixen mount that I purchased 2nd hand from these pages.
The CGEM-DX, unlike other mounts, has under promised and over delivered. It seems to be a more "technical" instrument than my NEQ6 Pro, by "technical" I mean the little things.... entering Catalogue Numbers rather than the Common Names of celestial objects. The NEQ6, of course, allows similar entry descriptions but the CGEM-DX keeps you to the "straight and narrow", sound observing practice of Catalogue descriptions. My little Vixen mount has a similar "feel" to the CGEM-DX, the confidence that great engineering and design offers the user.
Upon reflection, the greatest benefit I have derived from the CGEM-DX is that it has made me a more confident observer. I know that the mount will support my observing and if there is an error then that error resides with me, not the mount.
Though I paid the clearance price of $1,790 (Andrews) with the knowledge I have now, I would have happily paid the full price of $2,790.
If you are looking for a new mount that is comfortable carrying hefty payloads, excellent fit and finish, whisper quiet slewing and a mount that's as solid as a rock, then the CGEM-DX is for you.

ps: I am not a technophile, so my experiences with my NEQ6-Pro shouldn't be construed as a valid technical criticism as I am unqualified to make such criticism, this applies equally to my experience with my LX90 8". The purpose of this "review" is DaDa like, it's an experiential review, in other words, the characteristics of mount that has helped me become a more confident Observer.