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29-11-2006, 09:25 PM
Our 5mm Burgess Planetary EP arrived yesterday. :)

Last night we decided to have a Lunar evening trying different 2 " colour filters to gain the sharpest contrast with the Burgess.

We found the best were the green the mid blue and the dark orange. We use the filters on the 1-1/4 adaptor. The detail was crystal clear.

Thanks to Mike for his post on the location of the Apollo Landing we browsed Mare Imbrium where Appollo 15 landed and the Lunar Module location.

The vision with the orange filter was amazing. The eyepiece performed really well. We had a marvelous feeling of a 3D effect searching along the Apennine Mts. Then to the Caucasus Mts with the crater Callipis was fascinating. Also the spread of small rays from the crater Aristillus was very interesting.

Looking to the south there was a light triangle in the shade inside the Maginus crater caused by the shadows and breaks of light and we were able to see three smaller craters in a row on the inside of Maginus on the West side.
Simply stunning :eyepop:

We give the 5mm a big thumbs up :thumbsup::thumbsup:

We can't wait to try the EP on Saturn :D :D

29-11-2006, 09:30 PM
Great report Barb + Dave. I have the 5mm version as well, and love it. Very comfortable to use with loads of eye relief and sharp across the field.

Great to read a moon observing report for a change! Thanks for posting!