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12-06-2016, 02:56 PM
I received an email from Cyclops Optical (in Hong Kong) this morning advising that they are discounting all the Optolong filter range by 15% for the rest of June. I have bought gear from them before and have an account there, so am on their email list. The offer seems to apply to anyone buying, not just account holders. I have been looking for a LRGB 36mm set for my new camera and QHY filter wheel so this was great new to me. There is one review online comparing Baader LRGBs with the Optolong LRGBs, and they seem pretty even on the performance comparison. Link to the Cloudy Nights Review:


I ordered a set, and even with Fed Ex delivery out of Hong Kong, it only cost me $324 AUD, pretty good value I think.
The discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Don Pensack
22-06-2016, 03:22 AM
The CLS filter is valuable for imaging to reduce light pollution and enable slightly longer exposures.
And the UHC filter is a halfway decent visual narrowband filter for nebulae.
It works best in darker skies because of its relatively wide bandwidth, but it does transmit the H-Beta and O-III lines at a reasonably high % of transmission.