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26-02-2016, 10:20 AM
http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Watch-Back-Case-Opener-Screw-Wrench-Repair-Tool-Kit-Cover-Remover-Adjustable-OK-/262001850823?hash=item3d0086f9c7:g: Dy4AAOSwgQ9VyqYU

Just got one of these for the removal of the black bearing covers on the NEQ6.....also good for some lens retaining rings.

The Mekon
26-02-2016, 05:59 PM
Interesting and cheap! I have always made a custom tool for these jobs using a piece of wood and a couple of nails filed down.

26-02-2016, 08:02 PM
I'm getting one... too many times I have struggled with retaining rings. Besides I have a very old 28mm Pentax lens that has a sticky aperture, the vanes get stuck open unless you walk the f-stop from one end to the other rather hard. Should do the trick to get it open and see what's happening.

27-02-2016, 12:16 AM
Just a FWIW...
I bought one of these last year just to remove the back of my watch to change the battery, plus a few other chores.

> http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Professional-DSLR-Camera-Lens-Repair-Spanner-Wrench-Opening-Open-Tool-3-Tips-NEW-/361080905218?hash=item5412195e02:g: FH8AAOSwF1dUPOlS

Very handy indeed, if a tad large but useable.

27-02-2016, 04:52 AM
Thanks for the tip, Ken. Took me about 4 seconds to click "Buy it now".

27-02-2016, 07:02 AM
I use circlip pliers

27-02-2016, 08:15 AM
I also have one of those tools (from the PST mod days...) but all the "nosepieces" are either sharp points or "mini" blades sometimes not suited to the holes we find in astronomical adaptors etc.
The "watch" tool has blunt stubby 1mm diameter "pegs" which seem to work better.

27-02-2016, 10:45 AM
Jaycar also sell this gizmo
A bit expensive, but you could probably make your own inserts as required for oddball stuff, and good leverage for the bigger/tighter bits ( like some of the bits in Meade LX200GPSs.