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03-10-2006, 10:52 AM
I wasn't sure if this thread should have been posted under 'Solar System' however here goes. I purchased the set of six Hyperion eyepieces some months ago from 'myAstroShop' and have really only had a chance to use them recently. So far they have met all expectations particularly the eye relief as I wear glasses. They show sharp images almost to the edge of the field and focus crisply. Unscrewing the negative element from the bottom of the lens is a great feature which in effect doubles the focal length of the eyepiece. They work equally well on my 10" LX200 and ED80. The huge focal length difference between the scopes is no problem although the 3.5mm EP is not really suitable for the LX200. At 714 X for the LX200 and 171 X for the ED80, the difference is obvious.

A particular feature of these eyepieces is that they can be attached directly to your camera via a normal T adaptor and the M43/T-2 Hyperion adaptor (around $25). The attached photo of Eratosthenes crater situated at the southern end of the Appenines was taken with the 13mm Hyperion using my Canon 350D and LX200. The shot was taken two nights ago just after first quarter and exposure time was around 1 second, 100 ASA, max res and only mild tampering using Jasc Paint Shop Pro helped enhance the image. The image looked clearer in the camera's viewfinder however I am happy with my first attempt using the eyepiece particularly the shadow effects. Hard to believe this crater is 37 miles wide and 12,500 feet deep. The central peaks are around 6,500 feet high!

Hope this thread is of interest to members of the Forum.

Cheers, Steve B