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  1. [FOR SALE] Fujinon FMT-SX 10x50
  2. [FOR SALE] AYO Traveller mount with Half Pillar
  3. [FOR SALE] Bintel N200 EQ6 telescope
  4. [FOR SALE] Skywatcher ED80 Kit and 0.85 reducer/corrector
  5. [FOR SALE] Skywatcher Quattro 10" F4 carbon Fibre and accessories
  6. [SALE PENDING] GSO RC8 carbon fibre with accessories
  7. [FOR SALE] AP1600 GTO-AE & ATS Pier. Ultimate. AP set-up.
  8. [FOR SALE] Takahashi TOA 130/FS
  9. [FOR SALE] Vixen Super Polaris R100L
  10. [FOR SALE] Telescope and mount.
  11. [FOR SALE] Telescope and mount.
  12. [FOR SALE] HEQ5 Mount
  13. [FOR SALE] Celestron 9.25 Evo
  14. [FOR SALE] Takahashi EM-200 Temma 2M mount
  15. [FOR SALE] Celestron C9.25 SCT plus accessories (Reduced)
  16. [FOR SALE] Meade 6 inch SCT with mount
  17. [FOR SALE] 6" Skywatcher BD 150/750
  18. [SALE PENDING] NEQ6 and tripod
  19. [FOR SALE] Tsa 120
  20. [SALE PENDING] Takahashi TOA150
  22. [FOR SALE] Skywatcher ST120 and AZ3
  23. [FOR SALE] Celestron CGEM mount for parts only.
  24. [FOR SALE] Celestron NexStar 9.25
  25. [FOR SALE] SkyWatcher EQ6 Pro mount
  26. [FOR SALE] $400 - GSO 10" f/4 Newtonian, Focus Mask + basic home made dew shield.
  27. [FOR SALE] ** Price Drop ** Vixen (Japan) NA140SSf 140mm f/5.7 Neo-Achro