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  1. [FOR SALE] 23mm Zeiss aspheric eyepiece
  2. [FOR SALE] GSO Superview 15mm
  3. [FOR SALE] William Optics UWAN Series Eyepiece - 16mm
  4. [FOR SALE] Tak LE12.5
  5. [FOR SALE] Televue Nagler 3.5mm Type 6
  6. [SALE PENDING] Meade Plossls
  7. [FOR SALE] Takahashi LE eyepieces
  8. [FOR SALE] TeleVue 55mm Plossl
  9. [FOR SALE] Spring cleaning
  10. [FOR SALE] Celestron 10mm vintage Plossl
  11. [FOR SALE] Televue 25mm Eyepiece
  12. [FOR SALE] Variety of eyepieces/ finderscope/ diagonal
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