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  1. [FOR SALE] Meade QX Wide Angle 26mm Eyepiece
  2. [FOR SALE] 25mm Takahashi Abbe Ortho LNIB
  3. [FOR SALE] TeleVue Panoptic 27mm"PRICE DROP $320 posted"
  4. [SALE PENDING] Fujiyama 25mm ortho
  5. [FOR SALE] Takahashi 6mm Abbe Ortho 6mm "PRICE DROP $110 posted "
  6. [FOR SALE] TeleVue 20mm Plossl Eyepiece
  7. [FOR SALE] Celestron (Vixen) 26mm Plossl 'Silvertop'
  8. [FOR SALE] WO 3mm SPL (super planetary) EP
  9. [FOR SALE] 25mm Plossl Bintel
  10. [FOR SALE] Televue 12mm Radian
  11. [SALE PENDING] Explore Scientific 20mm 100 degree eyepiece
  12. [FOR SALE] Meade UWA Eyepiece Set
  13. [FOR SALE] Variety of eyepieces/ finderscope/ diagonal
  14. [FOR SALE] *** PRICE REDCUCTION *** Orion DeepView 35mm 2" eyepiece
  15. [FOR SALE] Bintel Plossl 15mm multi coated brand new x2
  16. [FOR SALE] Nagler Type 6 - 9mm and 13mm
  17. [FOR SALE] Plossls/filters
  18. [FOR SALE] ProStar 30mm 80* & TS 2" Dielectric Diagonal
  19. [FOR SALE] Orion 19mm Edge-On ‘Flat Field’ EP - $100
  20. [FOR SALE] TV Powermate 2.5x
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